Social Lubricant Games

Our mission is to challenge the absurd idea that playtime and make-believe are only for kids. We believe that encouraging friends to expand their comfort zones and goof off together creates an instant and unforgettable bond.

Our games make it easy to give shame the middle finger and slide into your authentic self.


It’s more than just a party game. These cards have the power to accelerate friendships, reveal hidden talents, create lasting memories, and launch your party into unbridled hysterics. With three (3) mixable decks of increasingly absurd cards, as host you have the power to customize your party to exactly the right level of mischief. 

Dealt out with the heart-pounding unpredictability of a round of Russian Roulette, challenges range from light-hearted pranks and hilarious performances to personality-revealing scenarios and racy, intimate dares.


Thanks for your support!

-The Oddassity Team