Want to Learn More About Oddassity? Let’s Play!


Be The Biggest Jackass.

Need a winner? We got you covered! Vote on the player who gave the fewest fucks.

Full Game Pics.png

Shuffle Up & Play

It's time for some serious nonsense.

1. Place shuffled Play deck in the middle of the party.

2. Select an Oddassity deck or mix to create your own. Shuffle and place face down next to the Play cards.

3. The party host flips and reads the top Oddassity card aloud, then draws the first Play card.

4. Play moves clockwise, until Play cards are depleted.

Play Cards.png

PLAY Cards

Drawn in clockwise order to determine who will perform the Oddassity.

FLIP! - Flip and read a new Oddassity card, do not perform

YAY! - Perform the Oddassity; Flip and read aloud a new Oddassity card

NEIGH! - No performance

SAVE AN ASS - Avoid an Oddassity

Three Decks.png


Your night of mischief comes in three titillating ratings:

· NSFP (Not Safe For Prudes) - May involve some tickling, touching of arms/hands, singing, dancing, silly improv, light spanking, and bad puns. You may also encounter a raspberry.

· NC (Needs Consent) - Can get a little naughty; Includes light massage, removal of clothing items, and flirtatious improv

· R (Racy) - For people who like breaking down boundaries; You may encounter partial nudity, risqué improv, petting, & smooches