“The best thing to happen to parties since booze, funk, and upstairs bedrooms.”
— Captain Ryan Eastwick
In a world where people feel like they can’t be themselves, it’s really nice to take a break and allow ourselves to be silly and let loose.
— Emily Anne Wagner
BEWARE! Playing this game may cause you to open up and get to know people while having all the fun... so get out and get some!
— Nicole Armour
Hands down the most entertaining party game you can buy! You’ll have a ton of fun with your friends.
— Sevan Apollo


My favorite part was watching a grown, drunk British man ride another man around like a horse while the “horse” was begging to know when the “wild west” was going to end. Some things you just can’t unsee.
— Leon Schmitz, Geek City USA
“Apparently one of my buddies looks like Robert Smith from the Cure when he is dressed in drag. Who knew? “
— Leon Schmitz, Geek City USA
We played it like a party game should be played really - have fun with it and make some calls on the fly (aka cheat to screw over someone that’s been too safe for too long).
— Leon Schmitz, Geek City USA
I like the way there are levels of “crass” that you can add and change based on the group.
— Leon Schmitz, Geek City USA
“Everyone preferred it to the Cards Against Humanity-style games because it was more personally involved and was physical at times.”
— Leon Schmitz, Geek City USA
Made for great moments. They liked whipping goldfish at me while I was a dolphin. That started them off on the right foot! LOL.
— Leon Schmitz, Geek City USA
ODDASSITY is a guaranteed good time!
— Logan Chops